Yes! You read it right. We are accepting guest post.

Oh! Let me make it clear, we are having a tough criteria over publishing guest post. Well, if we are accepting guest posts then it does not mean that we publish every single of them. Only the post which meets out standards are published.

Why should you write for us?

Good question! Let me make it clear for you. First know about us.

  • Our audience is targeted (infact, highly targetted). If you’re a good blogger then you know why everyone prefers specific audience.
  • You will get 1 backlink (it’s still worthy more than you think).
  • Your articles will be shared on social media and read by our users.

As you have visited this page, then it means you already knows why you are going to write for us. But, still, I have mentioned a few of the reasons.

Rules & Guidelines

Here comes the main part, read these following instructions carefully and don’t forget them.

Word Count

For maintaining the quality, we have set 1500+ as minimum words for a guest post. There is no limit for maximum words.  It does not mean that we are only depended on words. We prefer quality of the post. So, every single word of your article should be worthy.


We only approve quality posts. If you’re hiring any cheap writer, or trying to submit any spinned content then make it sure that we will reject your post. We don’t compromise on quality (never we did). So, if you are thinking that you would submit a low quality post then this thing is not for you.


Your article should be having a good structure. If you’re a blogger or an experience writer then you should know what I am talking about.

You article should be based on Headings. As you’re reading this page, then I have given every topic a headline.

Writing Style

Out audience is specific. Your way of writing should be simple. There is no need to give extra or over explanations. Just write to the point and don’t consider word count as your goal.

Read Our Articles

As you’re writing for this blog, then you should know about our way of working. Simple start reading our articles and observe how we present content to the visitors.

You will definitely! gain experience while doing so.

How to Submit

okay! If you’re still interested to provide a quality content. Then simply email the following things to jobinterviewstips [at] :

  1. Title of the article
  2. Outline (just about your article and the way how you will write it)
  3. Your background (We should know a few lines about you)

If we would approve then you may start writing the post.