Glad that you have taken a few minutes of your precious time to learn about us. Definitely! We are really friendly which means we love to talk with our blogger readers.

Man Behind This Blog

I’m Muhammad Tabish, a Pakistani blogger who knows how to capture the eye of the visitor. I started blogging back in 2011 and then I never looked back. I adopted blogging as a hobby then I turned this hobby to a passion and now, my passion is giving me bucks. Honestly saying, at first, I never thought I would do that better. This is all due to Almighty and your support.

Who can visit this blog?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), This blog is NOT for everyone. Well, my blog is not like those multi-niche blogs. I just cover specific topics on it.

Only those people can read my blog who:

  • are looking for tips to pass through interviews
  • want to kick-start their career
  • want to get approved in boring interviews
  • want to appear special (& perfect) while attending an interview
  • are looking for tips to mastermind the skills of attending inteviews.

Even more, I also give tips to the business owners and HR guys to select a perfect man in their company.

In fact, almost every second person have to go through such situations. Circumstances maybe different but time is tough for most of them. So, that’s the main reason behind the creation of this blog.

Who can’t read my blog?

Those people who don’t know how to cook Biryani, can’t read my blog. (just kidding 😛 )

Here the tricky part begins, my blog is full of action taking tips. If you want to live a future of smiling life then you have to take actions at the right moment. Life always gives a chance (but maybe only).

So, if you’re too much sluggish and don’t want to do smart (+hard) work then this blog is definitely not for you.

Hey! Don’t be afraid! I am not going to kick you out 😉 I just want you to get successful in your career. So, that’s why! I use tough words.